Badger 5 Waste Disposer Reviews

Badger 5 waste disposer’ is a product from a renowned brand in the appliance field Insinkerator. This post gives details about the product.

Prologue of Badger 5 Waste Disposer:

The essential parts as well as the product’s gist is here-

  • Badger is equipped with a powerful heavy duty motor with ½ horsepower; moreover, this is very much preferred because of the quality of Quiet Dura-Drive® in the induction or single phase motor.
  • The disposer is made up of jagged and galvanized steel construction thereby ensuring the protection and resilience of it.
  • It has a compact design and hence saves space.
  • One of the major issues- drainage is effectively taken care by providing a connection of 1-1/2 inches of cushioned slip joint to the drain. Moreover, this is also connected to the dishwasher. The liquefied waste easily moves into the septic tank or the drainage system.
  • Finally, preparing food becomes more pleasurable with less clutter and smell to be handled around the area.

Where to Buy?

This waste disposer can be directly purchased from the manufacturers from their website: Click Here to Purchase

Badger 5 waste disposer is a real resource to your kitchen with its policy of less garbage bags; it is also cost-effective.

Portable UV Water Purifier 2010 Review

Portable UV Water purifier 2010’ has become one of the ground-breaking inventions that is very useful to mankind, especially for an outdoor person. This is a portable water purification device; the name of the model is SteriPEN Classic Portable UV Ultraviolet Light Water Purifier.

Consolidated view of the portable UV Water Purifier is here-

  • A product by SteriPEN™; pioneer and monopoly over using UV light for purifying water and destroying virus, bacteria and protozoa, irrespective of the source obtained from. It can purify water from tank, lake or even hotel or home water for that matter.
  • Furthermore, handy and hassle-free for travelers. With this purifier, there are no headaches of chemicals, replacement filter, test stripes, pumping or lubricating.
  • To purify 16 ounces of water, the time taken is just 48 seconds.
  • User-friendly operation; it can be operated by just pressing a button. Later on, it automatically switches off once the process is over.

Where to Buy?

After knowing all the wonderful features, if you are eager to buy this product, it is available at: Click Here to Purchase; furthermore, it is priced at $65.00.

Portable UV Water purifier 2010, an innovative product boon to all sportspersons who enjoy hiking, trekking, biking, etc and who always have the fear of unhealthy water wagging in the mind. This is the ultimate solution for all impure water problems.

Best Home Meat Slicer Review

Meat slicers are great for grinding meat with ease. This post discusses about the best home meat slicer available in the market today .i.e. Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer – Professional Model 667.

Highlights of the Model

The salient features of the model include:

  • It is built with a commercial quality stainless blade of 10 inches with a fine edge that easily slices meat, cheese, bread, vegetables and fruits.
  • The exteriors are made of die-cast metal to give it a professional look.
  • An option for controlling thickness enables slicing to vary from deli thin to half inch thick slices.
  • At its highest performance speed, the engine produces ¼ hp for even and quick slicing.
  • A blade sharpener and a food tray are provided with the unit.
  • Tilted design allows you to slice all kinds of food efficiently.
  • Heavy duty induction motor is very powerful and silent in operation.
  • The food carriage has a high capacity and retracts completely to fit large hams and toasts.

Where to Purchase?

‘Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer – Professional Model 667’ can be purchased for $417 at the following link of Amazon:

Click Here to Purchase

The best home meat slicer featured in this post has received good reviews from users, however; most of them find the cleaning part to be a bit tough as the food particles get into some jointed areas of the slicer.